Duina Del Mar Joins Alejandro Sanz on Stage

Colombian Duina del Mar shared stage once more with Alejandro Sanz this past Jan 13th at the Palogrande auditorium in Manizales, Colombia.  The Colombian singer was invited by Sanz to perform his hit “Desde Cuando (“Since When”) as part of the final night of Manizales festival. Addressing the audience, Sanz emphasized the important of supporting emerging talent such as Duina.


Adding to her performances together, on October 12th Cali-born Duina, opened the 2nd date of Sanz tour at the Foro Sol in Mexico, where she performed to an audience of over 60 thousand, a few of her songs of her debut album, Natural.


Further to her 2012 achievements is the recognition as a newcomer for 2013 by Colombian Shock magazine after her nomination as Best New Solo Pop Artist at the 10th annual Shock Awards for her song “Muévelo Tuti.” Likewise, El Tiempo daily featured her as breakthrough artist on their end of the year musical review.

Recently, Duina appeared on the cover of the Colombian magazine Tu talking about her music, inspirations, achievements as well as her peculiar fashion style.


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