ioL Album Review: Tamia – Beautiful Surprise

No surprise, just another Tamia classic.


Tamia is a special human being. She is beautiful, talented, married to a professional basketball player star and loved worldwide, but the last thing you will see is her name making headlines in trashy magazines or on gossip websites.

Tamia only goes out every now and again, and then goes back into hiding. When she does go out, it is usually for nothing but business purposes.

But now she comes bearing gifts. Beautiful Surprise is the latest release from the R&B star who gave us classics such as the Careless Whisper rendition and Who Do You Tell?

Because that era is over you do worry about the freckled beauty releasing with a CD in 2012, but as soon as you play it you know R&B is not dead.

Staying true to her original sound, Tamia comes across as a tutor who instructs the wannabes on how it is done. Songs like Lose My Mind and Believe in Love show off just how her voice has remained the same despite almost two decades passing.

She shows off her range on Still, the hit she did way back about her marriage.

It is still relevant and she redoes it in a rendition you will probably prefer to the original.This is a hit album. – Munya Vomo