Interview: Nelly Furtado Chats with HollywoodPQ

Nelly Furtado is charming! Totally charming. And what a beauty! She had put a little toe in the room already, you could feel its charm … make it emerges, it’s crazy. In short, we were very excited to meet the singer Nelly Furtado at his hotel, which has decided to finish his Canadian tour The Indestructible Spirit  in Montreal.

”  It’s our last day on tour and it’s a pleasure to end it here, “ began the singer to the crowd yesterday during his show at St-Denis ! Nelly was more than generous with our team and frankly, more to be one of the most talented artists of Canada, she is also super friendly and very funny.

We enjoyed our meeting with Nelly to talk about her latest album The Indestructible Spirit singer also reveals she would like some advice to give the young Nelly Furtado and tells of a singer who was also the tour with her, Jessica Tyler of Degrassi .

Pssst … We LOVE her jacket metal, her leggings, leather accessories and oversized gold jewellery !