WDR 2 Presents Nelly Furtado: Wild mixture

WDR 2 presented Nelly Furtado:Wild mixture

By Sascha Kinzler

The Portuguese-Canadian singer, actress, presenter, mother and Grammy winner Nelly Furtado is a busy woman. Nevertheless, she went to Cologne and played for her fans to great acclaim.

Nelly Furtado on 05.03.2013 in Cologne at the concert in Tanzbrunnen
Nelly Furtado on 05.03.2013 in Cologne at the concert in Tanzbrunnen(photo gallery 1)

Latest since 2004, when her song “Força” was selected as the official song for the European Football Championship and her appearance at the European Championship final was watched by 150 million TV viewers, Nelly knows the world as well as anyone. The Germans embraced the charismatic singer and multi-instrumentalist. The year before was Furtado’s single “Powerless” ascended into the German Top Ten. Many more singles were to follow – including the 2006 album “Loose” which sold a million copies in this country alone. In 2007, Nelly Furtado was the most played artist on German radio, in a duet with James Morrison chart successes. “Broken Strings” in 2009 reached number one in Germany. 2012 is the most recent, fifth studio album by the Canadian appeared called “The Indestructible Spirit”. As part of the same tour the little singer with the big voice made in Cologne station: 2000 fans witnessed the-presented by WDR 2 concert at a packed theater Tanzbrunnen.

Shortly after 21 clock darkened the hall, two large white spots illuminated the stage from behind. Before that, a silhouette appeared: Little woman with lots of hair, microphone and swinging body tension.Unmistakably Nelly Furtado. It started with two new, danceable tracks, namely the album-tour-like eponymous “The Indestructible Spirit” followed by “Waiting for the Night”. The evening started just so full of energy, as Furtado had previously announced in the WDR 2 interview. And from the beginning called the Canadian, who was in a black glitter skirt appeared on black leggings and a black corset-style top with transparent sleeves decorated, her audience to sing along to – and partly in German (“Loud”).

Nelly Furtado on 05.03.2013 in Cologne at the concert in Tanzbrunnen
Nelly Furtado on 05.03.2013 in Cologne at the concert in Tanzbrunnen

Especially for the German audience Furtado played today “Broken Strings”, but you missed a little here the male duet partner. Such, the daughter of Portuguese immigrants then greeted among others in “Do It” on the stage, here in the form of her friend and Canadian Tour Support Dylan Murray. Finally, the actual sets from “Mysterious Girl” as an anonymous Faceless appeared in a black monk’s robe with a yellow feather boa around her neck, the singing and dancing – one easily recognizes: Now we have arrived at the exuberant party part of the concert.Actually drove Nelly from particular “All Good Things (Come To An End)” the energy on stage steadily higher, and when they reached the “high life” then rapping swept across the stage, the audience did not during the chanting of his enthusiasm in the form manifested by spontaneous applause and roaring shouts and catcalls. It was opened.

Wild stylistic mix

Overall, the seven musicians offered a good 90-minute, stylistically varied set that included not only seven titles on the new album too many big hits. And let’s face it: At what concert you can already a wild mixture of hear ballads, Latin, Party, Dance, 80s rock and synth-pop – and not only in sequence, but sometimes even in a song? ! Since one can only say with respect to Nelly’s first album, “Whoa.” The Cologne fans thanked the seven musicians with long applause.

The Spirit Indestructible
Waiting For The Night
Say It Right
Do It
Broken Strings
Be OK ft. Dylan Murray
Manos Al Aire
Turn Off The Light
I’m Like A Bird / Fly Like An Eagle
All Good Things (Come To An End)
Bucket List
Parking Lot
Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)
Hold Up
Give It To Me
Mysterious Girl
Miracles / Like A Prayer