Interview: Nelly Furtado in Grosse Freiheit

St. Pauli – It is uncomplicated, friendly – and professionally. Superstar Nelly Furtado (34, “All good things”) yesterday! On Kiez visit

The giant tour bus parked in front of the music club. Here Nelly Furtado lives during their tour.Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom – all you need. The day before yesterday Cologne, now on to Munich. For the fourth time Furtado is in Hamburg.

The Grammy award winner told BILD: “I’m a very domestic person, I like to cook and bake.” daughter Nevis (9), it has not taken this time. Furtado: “I’m not traveling so much as before. So I take it only to concerts in the summer when she has school holidays. ”

The singer feels as Star ? Furtado: ‘I do not know. I’ve been that long. As a child I was shy, that’s over now. ”

Her fame came with 21 Hits like “I’m like a bird”, “Powerless” and “Try” she catapulted into the international star-sky, on a par with Shakira and Jennifer Lopez.

Go shopping at the furniture and on the Neuer Wall was yesterday no time. Even a superstar must sometimes make sacrifices …