Like a Local: Kreesha Turner

Twenty-six year old Kreesha Turner is flying high with her third Juno nomination. The Edmonton born singer/songwriter co-wrote five of the songs on Tropic Electric, up for R&B/Soul Recording of the Year.

Ironically, Turner never even thought about becoming a musician until spending a year and a half in Jamaica, where her mother is from. She used what she learned there to form a  style of R&B, soul and pop. It has made her popular around the world, bringing her on stage with performers from Lady Gaga to Katy Perry.  She’s performed for the Governor General of Canada Michaëlle Jean in China and has received a Canadian Radio Music Award  for Best New Group/Solo Artist of the Year in the Rhythmic/Dance/Urban category.

Although Turner’s busy life has her circling the globe, she treasures her time in Montreal.

Photo: Photo by Paul Alexander

What does the third Juno Award nomination mean to you?

To me, it’s definitely more of a nod from my peers and other artists, managers and executives in the industry. They are actually the harder people to please I think sometimes, so for me it’s a great thing.

Will you be able to attend the awards this year?

I’m trying to figure it out. I’m trying to make it down there for April (21st). It’s a little up in the air because I’m in LA right now making music. I’m recording.

Was there an inspiration when you wrote Love Again?

Love Again was produced by another Canadian pop star, Shawn Desman. That track was actually inspired by my roommate and a past relationship. When you are in the midst of a break-up you often don’t see past the dark that consumes you… all of the emotions and sadness and hurt. I wanted to let her know that she will love again, that there will be brighter days.

Also, I had in a sense moved on, but because of the relationship that I shared with my previous ex, I heard that he was hurting and I felt so bad that I was the cause of his pain. I still cared about him and I wanted him to find love again.

How often do you get to Montreal?

I try to get back as often as I can. I was there a lot in 2012 because I had done collaboration with Eckō Unltd for their spring/summer campaign. They are in Montreal so I was there doing photo shoots. I also shot the music video for Love Again in Montreal.

Do you have any favorite restaurants?

Rotisserie Portugalia  is the best Portuguese BBQ EVER! I also had a feast at Da Emma with my parents one night. The food was amazing and I even got to meet the fabulous chef herself after. You can tell everything is cooked with love. And, Pizzeria Napoletana.  I’ve visited this fabulous pizza spot multiple times. I love the appetizers, pizza and wine!

Do you enjoy shopping in Montreal?

There are a lot of designers whose warehouses  or fashion houses are in Montreal . And, just because that is where they are located, when you go into some of the little vintage shops you will come across some of their pre-seasons and samples that you can’t find anywhere else.

I shop Rue Sainte-Catherine – – anything along this street, there are so many fabulous boutiques, too many to name! When in doubt, I never have any trouble finding something fabulous , I go to Centre Eaton de Montreal. And, Holt Renfrew  is for all your favourite high end fashion designers. Holts is always your best bet!