Duina del Mar Featured on Blastro

Who’s that girl, the next Shakira ?! My co-workers asked Austinities. Who’s that girl, Shakira’s new? I asked my fellow Austin when they saw the video we are about to share. That girl is Duina Del Mar , a young singer, dancer and multi-instrumentalist who is winning Colombian Folk-Pop scene with his fresh style, unprejudiced and original.

Duina del Mar

Duina job gathering the flavors and colors of Jamaica, Brazil and Latin America in general, the roots of Afro-Colombian Cali native and aboriginal ancestral voices that spoke their parents. Lovely and free, so the proposal brings Duina Del Mar in “Natural” (Universal Latino, 2013) Album is about to present, where fuses Pop with Folk, Reggae and Dance Hall among other dance rhythms that will put even those who do not have dance in their DNA as this artist.

When visiting Austin, Texas this spring 2013, spoke exclusively to Blastro2 about its history and its origins, influences and inspirations. He told us about the experience with  Alejandro Sanz in Mexico and recording participation umplugged Juanes . We left with wanting to know if we will see a collaboration with Spanish artist’s favorite Latino audience but gave us a taste of “the delights of Caribbean feeling.”

Watch the interview with Sea Duina here