The Future Is Here – The Courtney John Project Release Album

The Courtney John Project- Future (Album Cover)


“Future” the new album from The Courtney John Project is now available on iTunes. The album features 10 beautifully composed tracks by Courtney John, The Wizard and Steven “Lenky” Marsden including the songs ‘Black Cinderella’, ‘Soul of a Man’ and the new hit ‘Rain Like Gold’. The Courtney John Project is an audio journey; one part Kingston mash up, one part euro-electronica& 100% provocative in its approach to contemporary music.

“The Courtney John Project is a place where musicians can be brave and not have to worry about their expressions. It’s totally outside of the comfort zone,” explains Courtney John. Listener’s first taste of the Rootstronic sound is found with the breakout single Soul Of A Man. The electro-heavy, adventurous engineering of The Wizard and John’s unorthodox vocal delivery on Soul of A Man will surely surprise fans expecting that familiar sound.