Artist Spotlight: Interview w/ Kat Dahlia!

Cuban-American rapper/songwriter, Kat Dahlia is a force not to be reckoned with. Her debut single “Gangsta” is dominating theBillboard charts and latin radio airwaves.

Dahlia is currently hard at work promoting “Gangsta” and her three song EP of the same name (available now) on iTunes. Between all the hustle and bustle, I got the opportunity to ask Dahlia a couple of questions. In the mini interview she talks about song writing, her inspirations, fans, who she wants to collaborate with and the important question “will she collaborate with Pitbull?”.

Dahlia is a multi talented singer, songwriter and rapper. Her sound evokes a unique reggae, hip-hop feel. She’s been dubbed the female Bob Marley and even been compared to Rihanna. If you like either of those artist, then you’ll absolutely love Dahlia. If you haven’t heard her hit single “Gangsta” (click here), you’ll love it…trust me!

Check out my interview with the one and only, Kat Dahlia below!

1.) First and foremost, “Gangsta” is a hit and great single. How does all the attention that the track has been receiving make you feel?

It lets me know that I’m doing everything i dreamed of doing. Making a difference. Making an impact is a powerful feeling. Im very grateful for that.

2.) You recently performed at the BMI/ Sony Music Latin Showcase kick-off event for the Billboard Latin Music Conference in Miami. How was it performing in your hometown for a massive award show?

It always feels great anytime I perform in Miami. It reminds me of all my accomplishments thus far, and that everything that I’ve done and been through was all for a greater purpose. Feeling that hometown love is overwhelming!

3.) You released a 3-song EP on iTunes. It features “Gangsta” and two other tracks (“Mirror” and “Money Party”) which are amazing as well. Tell us about the writing process on each track.

Gangsta is a song I wrote during the process of putting my independent EP out called “Shades of Grey.” I wrote it while I was sitting at the bar of the restaurant I was working at, venting about the current situations in my life. Mirror is something I wrote with two other great writers, Frankie Storm, and Meleni Smith. We started thinking about life, universal love, and ended up writing about how similar and connected we all are. We are reflections of each other. Money Party is a song i went in with Meleni aka Polly A. When we got the track the first thing I thought was like – chilling rooftop party. The vibe of the track feels SO GOOD! and we just took off from there. That song was so fun to write, cause in our minds we were at the party, and creating it at the same time. So putting it altogether was hilarious. Some things that took place on that rooftop didn’t even make it in the song… it was prettyy wild.

4.) Three tracks have been released, can we expect them to featured on your album and what kind of sound can we expect and what is it titled?

The title of the album is My Garden. The three songs will be on the album. Don’t have expectations, you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment. Just think DIFFERENT.

5.) What message do you want fans to take from your songs?

Whatever emotion I am evoking. I sing a lot about love, turmoil, heartbreak, life challenges. I want people to connect to my songs. A message of unity, connection, humility…. humanity.

6.) You started singing at a young age. Who inspired you to start singing. Was it a family member, your favorite artist or was it an escape to be creative?

I think it was something much greater than a family member, or just a song I really liked. Everything we have was given to us. I was given this feeling to sing, make music, write, be creative. It’s something within the spirit.

7.) Your fans want to know. Will you be working with Pitbull on your debut album since you’re both from Miami?

Nothing is concrete yet, but in the future, we will definitely get together and collab on something. We have to.

8.) Fans also want to know, who’s the one artist that you really want to collaborate with?

Damien Marley

9.) The final question. What do you want to tell your fans? (It can be a thank you message, advice, etc.)

I want to thank the fans for such intense support!! I do this because I love it, but I have the same passion for people, relationships, humanity, and love. Love you all thank you so much.