Kat Dahlia Featured on Dose.ca

Kat Dahlia, if you never heard this name before, get used to it, because this brilliant new Miami-born hip-hop artist is here to stay. It’s her raw vocal, which has been compared to the ones of Adele and even Amy Winehouse, along with her insane sense of style that definitely makes her one of a kind. We sat down with Kat so we could learn more about her, her journey, and her upcoming debut album titled My Garden.

Influenced by the storytelling aspect of blues, Elvis, and even the Buena Vista Social Club (!), making music is for Kat also a way to share with the world her very own stories. She is not afraid to question stereotypes that comes with being a Latina recording artist, like in her song called ‘’Tumbao’’ : « Sí, yo hablo Español / But, baby, I ain’t trying to fit that mold / I’ma keep my creative control / I’m just a South Beach girl with a lot of soul ».

With a sound and a spirit so unique, no wonder Kat’s music caught Sylvia Rhone’s attention, a top female executive in the business. When asked how it felt to be recognized by one of the greatest, Kat simply responded: « It’s was kind of a very cool moment. It’s was just like wow, you know, I am relevant, I can be relevant ».

Like her sound, which has often been qualified as ‘’razor sharp’’ or fierce, the young singer also describe herself has: « raw, real, powerful and hard, but also vulnerable and soft at times ». When it comes down to what set her apart in today’s music industry, without any hesitation she proudly affirms: « I think what’s gonna set me apart from everybody else, it’s just being myself. So as long as I stay true to myself I’ll just be different automatically ». True that.


Kat Dahlia sees herself as a messenger, carrying a message of love and positivism. Well we are always up for some positivism in our lives, so watch out for the release of My Garden in the coming months, and while we’re waiting check out her reggae-dance jam “Money Party” , her latest video “Gangsta“.