Francesco Covers Beautiful for Stereotude

Listen up, Stereotuders! Today, for your viewing and listening pleasure, we’re premiering Francesco’s new video “Beautiful.”

Francesco is a 17-year-old Canadian vocal and songwriting force who grew up transfixed by music, strumming on his guitar in his parent’s basement until they made him go to sleep. Today, with boy-next-door appeal and a fresh deal at Atlantic Records, Francesco is a rising star to watch.

“Beautiful” tells the story of boy sees girl, boy wants to meet girl, but boy can’t because he freezes up whenever he’s around her. The track is devoid of any Michael Cera-like awkwardness, though. Backed by a single acoustic guitar and occasional vocal backup, Francesco eases past the listener’s soul-protecting safeguards using delicate expression and heavy-hearted love lines.

“Is it possible,” he sings, “do I stand a chance with you?”

Check out the Stereotude premiere of Francesco’s “Beautiful” below.