Essence Festival 2013: Tamia Takes Over the Superdome

A year after releasing her Grammy-nominated fifth studio album, “Beautiful Surprise,” Tamia took the stage at Essence festival to prove she’s still got it (as if anyone had ever doubted her.) Tamia delivered a flawless one-hour set, performing every song with as much passion as if it was the first time. The singer, in an ivory knee-length satin dress, begun by slow winding to “Imaginaiton,” then transitioned into the seductive, “Can’t Get Enough.” Tamia went through her hits (“Officially Missing You,” “So Into You”), hitting each note effortlessly.


“Can I take y’all back to the very beginning?” she said at one point to perform her first hit, “You Put A Move On My Heart.” “Any singers in the crowd, I’ma need you to help me hit one of these notes. I was 19 when I did this.” Tamia, with a hand on her heart and a grin, was taken back by fans’ appreciation shown through their singing of every word, as if comfortable in their own shower stall. But it was Tamia that left fans with chills when closing her set, on her knees, leaning back belting “Stranger In My House” as husband of 15 years Grant Hill looked on from the side of the stage.