The Courtney John Project – Rain Like Gold

Created in their Kingston recording Studio, the explosive nature of the sound on this track increasingly raises the adrenaline of listeners with its haunting melody, harmonious vocals by Mr. Courtney John and Producer Ms. Nastassja Hammond better known as The Wizard. Her productive genius sets this track up as a future hit.

Lending sampled effects beautifully to lyrics of both Courtney John and The Wizards signature styles, Courtney John’s silky falsetto vocals lead with, “Rain is gonna come its gonna fall like gold, straight from the heavens and its good for the soul, fall rain, fall on me.”

The lyrics have a Dispersing rippling effect; as if rain is falling from above purifying the soul. The vocals give layers of depth; liquefying, falling and rising with effective distortion giving an organic feel.

The video for this single was directed by Ras Kassa.