Adiana Lucia Composes Marc Anthony’s “Volver a Comenzar”

Colombian singer/songwriter, Adriana Lucia, is taking another big step in her artistic career as a songwriter collaborating recently with Marc Anthony on his eleventh studio album, 3.0, and the first official salsa album in over a decade.

“Volver a Comenzar,” written and composed by the Cordoba-born artist, with the arrangements and production under the direction of Sergio George and Marc Anthony, is the second song on the album and was released July 23rd. The song is a plea of love full of uncertainties projecting a fresh start of hope: “Today I have thirst for you, I want to love, come to heal my wounds and see all the good and best of me.”

“I am very excited and is an honor to learn that Marc included my song on his new album. As soon as I found out through my manager Andres Recio that he was looking for songs for his new album I started writing. I thought it should be a theme that he could sing and feel; I focused on his life and how we have come to know and respect him as a great artist and singer,” says Adriana Lucia.

The performer and 2008 Latin Grammy nominee who will be celebrating 15 years of musical career on 2014, is finishing the recording of her new album -the sixth of her career- produced by Jose Gaviria. Including all her hits, the live DVD will also include a documentary-film type that displays her roots as an artist and the musical expressions of her native Cordoba.