Marc Anthony Works Alongside Julio Reyes Copello on 3.0

Once again Marc Anthony is teaming up with Colombian producer, Julio Reyes Copello, who tailored the vocal production of his recently released album, 3.0.

Reyes Copello composed two of the songs of the album: “Cambio de Piel” (Change of Skin) together with Yoel Henriquez, a beaming soul record, and “Cautivo de Este Amor” (Captive of your love), a tear-jerking ballad. He also composed the Spanish version of the hit “Vivir Mi Vida” (Living my life), the first salsa song to hit the top of the Billboard charts in thirteen years.

In 2005 Reyes Copello won a Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album for his role as composer, arranger, conductor, and pianist on Marc Anthony’s album, Amar Sin Mentiras. He also scored his first #1 on Billboard with the single “Who’s Now?” of the same album. Reyes Copello co-produced Icons with Marc Anthony in 2010, an album that reached # 1 on the Billboard chart for Best Latin Pop Album and Best Latin Record.

“Julio is my creative partner, we compose out of nothing and live inspired by life’s key moments,” said Marc Anthony.

Reyes Copello recently opened up his new studio, The Miami Arthouse, where he is already working on Kat Dahlia’s all-Spanish new album as well as Belanova’s upcoming project.