Fefe Dobson Explains Influence Of Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” On Her Music

Canadian singer/songwriter Fefe Dobson‘s latest single “Legacy” is a song about leaving a lasting mark. “If I die tonight, at least I left a legacy / If the lights go out, I’m forever in your memory,” goes its anthemic chorus.

The song’s lyric video premiered here at MetroLyrics a couple months back. Since then, Fefe has been hard at work on the song’s official music video. The forthcoming video will focus on the legacy theme by incorporating iconic musicians, played by Fefe herself. One of the icons featured in the video will be none other than the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

In the below clip, Fefe explains the influence that Michael Jackson’s song “Rock With You” had on her as a young musician and why she chose to include the iconic star in the video. The clip also features Fefe covering the classic song. Check it out below and look for her “Legacy” music video soon.

Watch the “Legacy” lyric video below:

“Legacy” will be included on Fefe’s upcoming album Firebird, due out early next year.