OK! Exclusive: Kat Dahlia Updates Fans


It was a mere two months ago when we spoke last with Kat Dahlia, who at the time was promoting her new single, “Crazy” and getting ready for her first headlining tour. But now, here we are in early April, and Kat’s career is at a total standstill.

Kat had to cancel her tour due to “health issues,” which we later found out were that she had a cyst on her throat that affected her vocal chords. Kat had to go on vocal rest for ten days (she couldn’t speak or sing a word!) and had to postpone her shows. And we got the exclusive video documenting all of Kat’s crazy few weeks, which explains in detail exactly what happened and even takes us inside one of her more recent doctor’s appointments. Kat saw ENTs in three separate states in the US, so yeah, this hasn’t exactly been fun.

Kat Dahlia VEVO

Watch the video to see what the latest is from Kat herself (so yes, spoiler alert, she’s finally allowed to speak again), and more on her road to recovery right here:

Stay tuned to Kat’s Twitter @KatDahlia and Facebook @KatDahliaMusic for more updates on her condition, plus official details on her tour and her new music!