Kat Dahlia Talks My Garden Album with StupidDope.com

Now That’s Gangsta! | Kat Dahlia Talks My Garden, Rock City & Favorite Foods

While stopping in Atlanta for her My Garden tour, stupidDOPE was able to catch up with the talented Kat Dahlia. According to Dahlia, her upcoming album release, aptly named My Garden is a testament to her trying times. Dahlia promises to bring a variety of flows, fast and slow for the masses in this album.

While confidently explaining the variety of tempos and producers in My Garden, Dahlia keeps her head focused on helping her talent blossom into a petaled protector of truth and prosperity. The Cuban American musician exposes some quirky things and even a shout-out to our music editor Jesse in the above video, so give it a shot and hit the target with Kat Dahlia’s album, My Garden, when it drops on January 13th, 2015.