Duina del Mar Featured in El Especial

Duina del Mar … Magic and wise


The Colombian singer’s songs blend Caribbean charm and urban rhythms. Despite his youth, is very clear what he wants for his musical future.

Salvatore Laudicina | 12/29/2014, 24:44
Duina del Mar ... Magic and wise

The Colombian Duina del Mar | DR

Duina the Sea does not appear in this century. His voice, slow and tenuous recalls the magical realism of Gabriel García Márquez. Their answers reveal a deep woman ahead of her years.

Although it could afford to sing jazz or blues, has a wide musical culture, she decided to go for the fusion of Caribbean and urban. Do not do it for marketing.

Since I started singing, was clear that no one would impose sounds to rock your letters or a way to interpret.

“I’m not interested in becoming a commercial boom. I want to build a solid career. Music is my passion, my oxygen. I would not feel right playing a letter just to sell, “said the Colombian.

During his recent visit to Miami to promote the theme “As you dance,” The Especialito spoke with this young talent of his influences, reggaeton and filming the video for the song in his native country.

The Especialito: Musically How Duina del Mar defined?

Duina del Mar: It’s a difficult question, yet I could not respondérmela. I am a mixture of many genres and styles. I keep on exploring my music and sound.

Maybe that’s why I took to prepare my record. I will be out in 2015. I’m very quiet. Every song has my personal seal.

At this point in my life, I could say that my style is an urban caribeño- pop, with lyrics that sing of love, heartbreak and the everyday things of life.

The Especialito: What are your musical influences?

Duina del Mar: There are many. I studied Jazz. I love Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. I’m also a fan of Aretha Franklin, Caetano Veloso and Caribbean sounds.

Honestly, I have never tied to a particular musical style. I think it is risky for the growth of an artist.

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