Kat Dahlia Welcomes You to Her Garden of Fresh Music

It took almost three years for Kat Dahlia’s potent and heartfelt music to bloom. The Miami-based powerhouse is ready to kick a** in 2015 with her debut studio album “My Garden.”

“We put together the best 11 records I’ve made in the last three years,” Kat Dahlia told VOXXI about her new production for which she recorded over 100 songs. “In a way it’s kinda like my greatest hits.”

After dealing with health issues and a rough year in 2014, the 24-year-old urban artist is off to a good start.

The first gem of the year is the release of her first studio album called “My Garden.” “The fans have been waiting for it. Everything happens for a reason and the timing is right,” she said.

Kat Dahlia is a rapper.
Kat Dahlia poses for a portrait at Hits 97.3 radio station on November 5, 2014 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Larry Marano/Getty Images)

For Dahlia, all the tracks in the album are her babies, primarily because they all have a different story to them, but one of the records that really hits home for her is “Just Another Dude.”

“A lot of people can relate to that record,” she said of the song that speaks of an abusive relationship. “It’s really special to me.”

Another single that stands out, aside her hit singles “Gangsta,” “Crazy” and “Mirror,” is the only Spanish-language tune on the album, “Tumbao.” As a Cuban-American, Dahlia told VOXXI that she definitely wants to “put out a project in Spanish.”

In addition to the launch of “My Garden” out January 13, Dahlia embarked her first-ever headlining tour ending last year, recalling the multiple gigs around the states as one of her favorite experiences ever.

For Dahlia, the new year is a chance to find balance and set her priorities straight.

“I want to find balance in having my priorities right, but also having a good time and making sure that work is always at the forefront,” she said of her new year’s resolution.

She also stated that the key to success is always staying true to yourself –“as cheesy as it may sound.”