Teen Vogue Introduces Francesco Yates

Meet Francesco Yates, the Musician You Have to Thank for Coca-Cola’s Catchy New Anthem

There’s nobody like you.

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Photo: Jimmy Fontaine/Atlantic Records

If you haven’t heard of Francesco Yates yet, that’s about to change…really quickly. The Toronto native was signed to Atlantic Records at only 16 years old after being discovered by Pharrell Williams, and now at 19, he has big plans for the next year. First off? Joining the ranks of musical legends who have been part of Coca-Cola’s diverse group of musical collaborators.

The artist who’s bringing back the afro trend full-force was asked to create an original song for the brand’s centennial campaign, and that’s how “Nobody Like You” was born—the track you’ve probably already been hearing every time you turn on the TV. Coca-Cola wanted to celebrate their 100th birthday in a big way, and that’s exactly what they did. The new anthem track focuses on everything that makes us fall in love all while serving as a special ode to the bottle shape and experience.

Clearly joining the ranks of James Brown, Ray Charles, The Supremes, Wyclef Jean, Avicii, Jordin Sparks, and a handful of other stars to work with the brand was pretty exciting for a guy who’s currently working on his debut album. If this isn’t the perfect way to get your name out there, we’re not sure what is.

“It feels so special—I’m in good company,” Francesco tells us after taking the stage during the brand’s 100th anniversary celebration at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art. “Coca-Cola is one of those brands that’s so timeless, which is a characteristic and quality I hope to achieve in my music. I wrote the anthem with two producers from Rock Mafia, and it was intimidating. It’s something where you want to write something that can touch many areas and reach as many levels as possible. I’m really happy with the way it turned out.”

Since Francesco isn’t used to “TV me” as he puts it, the first time he heard the commercial below air, it didn’t hit him for a while that he was actually listening to himself. “Once I heard the high note, I was like, ‘OK—that’s that guy!'”

As for that album? Get excited, because there are a lot more catchy hits where this comes from. “There’s no title yet—it’s hard to come up with a title. I have yet to find one or two words that explains my music,” he says. “The sound is ultimately a pop sound, but it’s sprinkled with other things. It has a little soul, alternative.” We can’t wait!

Listen to Coca-Cola’s new anthem below, and just try not to dance every time the commercial comes on. We know we will be: No. Shame.