Ateriet Chef Q&A with Roger Mooking

You may have heard of Roger Mooking from his restaurant Twist by Roger Mooking. Or maybe you’ve seen him as the host of the cooking show Man Fire Food or Everyday Exotic. Or you’ve listened to his music or cooked from one of his cookbooks. Either way I think we can agree that Roger Mooking is keeping himself busy. We got the chance to ask Roger Mooking a few questions about food memories, his style of cooking and how he combines his love of music and food. Keep reading.

Roger Mooking

Roger Mooking was born into a food and music loving family in Trinidad & Tobago and was raised in Edmonton, Canada. When Roger was 15 years old he got his first job in a kitchen. Around the same time Roger started to pursue his love of music and all of a sudden he was moving back and forth between a career as a Chef and a career in music. After trying to manage these two parallel careers for a while Roger figured out that music and restaurants are all just entertainment. There is no need to chose, I’m in the entertainment industry. Since then Roger Mooking have been going full speed in all his projects, no matter if it was music or food.

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