Tyler Shaw Premieres “Wicked” New Video

Tyler Shaw has just dropped his latest music video for the sexy and seductive “Wicked” on VEVO.

The bass heavy pop track is the sixth single from Shaw’s 2015 album Yesterday, which has already spawned hits like “Kiss Goodnight”, “Dizzy”, and “House of Cards”, which Shaw wrote with fellow singer and Much Creator Dan Talevski.

The new video, directed by Aaron A, is a lesson on why you shouldn’t follow strangers home. Shaw meets a beautiful woman and goes into her house of velvet wallpaper, where she makes a mess out of her bed before slipping Shaw some drugs and adding him to her list of sexy male prisoners.

Toronto actor Julia Nardi plays the video’s vixen, while drummer Mike Sleath appears as Shaw’s fellow incapacitated housemate.

Check out the hot video for “Wicked” below and click here for more from Tyler Shaw!