Go Behind The Scenes of Francesco Yates’ “Better To Be Loved” Music Video

Don’t let Francesco Yates‘ baby face fool you: this Toronto-native has talent far beyond his nineteen years.

The performer—who can sing and play the guitar, piano, bass, drums and harmonica—was first discovered by Pharrell Williams, he of “Happy” and super-producer fame. Soon after, Francesco was signed onto Atlantic Records when he was just 16-years-old. Now he’s slowly making his way onto the charts with the super-catchy and ultra smooth “Better To Be Loved.”

Francesco Yates takes his fans behind the scenes of his fun “Better To Be Loved” music video in this ANDPOP exclusive. So what are you waiting for? Hit that play button to see more of this burgeoning talent!

Behind The Scenes of Crazy with Kat Dahlia

“Crazy” music video behind the scenes + hungertv interview

Check out exclusive behind the scenes footage of the making of Kat’s “CRAZY” music video, featuring interviews with both Kat and Rankin.

HungerTV was lucky enough to grab a few moments with Kat before the shoot to find out more about her love of music, inspirations, and what fans can expect from her upcoming debut album My Garden.


KD: I’m hoping for a positive response, but I don’t think you should have expectations. I think any time you have expectations, you’re setting yourself up for a fall. The album isn’t a specific genre in itself, it’s a lot of different sounds of music that are all brought together into this one project that I created because I love to venture out. I don’t like to mimic myself.

Read the full interview HERE.

Download “CRAZY” on iTunes HERE.

Kat Dahlia Premieres “Happy And I Know It” BTS via ArjanWrites

Story Courtesy of ArjanWrites.com
happy and i know it behind the scenes

Kat Dahlia is known for keeping things real and letting us know exactly what’s on her mind. Her debut single “Gangsta” created a storm of interest earlier this year and this week the Miami, FL rapper returns with her new mixtape “Seeds.” With this release, Dahlia further details her developing brand of pop and hip hop that is fierce, personal, always colorful and authentically raw.

Raised by Cuban-born parents in Miami Beach, Kat began singing when she was 8 and started writing songs at 15, ripping instrumentals from YouTube in lieu of a band. “I write my own music,” she says. “If you want to break it down, I’m just being myself.”

Saving money from a waitressing gig, Kat moved to New York in 2010.  She was almost derailed by what she describes as a “toxic relationship,” but she got herself out of it, and emerged fired up as a writer, with new insight and a deepened commitment to uncompromising emotional honesty. Coming up with the funds to finance studio time, Kat released a music video and an EP, and signed with Vested In Culture (VIC) shortly thereafter.

Check out some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of her “Happy And I Know It” that she shot in Miami and has her unique signature all over it. The song is taken from “Seeds” that is available now.

AndPop Exxlcusive: Behind The Scenes with Fefe Dobson “Legacy”

Fefe Dobson is back and she’s better than ever!

The Canadian rock star has been busy working hard on her upcoming third studio album,Firebird, but that hasn’t stopped her from giving fans a taste of the great things to come. Over the summer, she released the album’s first single, “Legacy” — which, if we may say, was the perfect time for the catchy, upbeat track. And like any good song, it needs its own music video and Fefe delivers.


Go behind the scenes of the “Legacy” music video with Fefe Dobson before the video’s official premiere and watch her transform into some of pop culture’s most recognizable figures, including Michael Jackson to Marilyn Monroe. It’s like a Halloween treat we can enjoy any day of the year!