Join Craig Stickland in Miami for Rooftop Unplugged

craig stickland

Fresh off the ‘My Garden Tour‘ with Miami songstress, Kat Dahlia, Canadian singer/songwriter Craig Stickland is ready to hit the stage again. Join Craig for the seventh edition of #Unplugged, Miami’s bi-monthly concert series.

WLRN Public Radio and Television’s Michael Stock will host a very special audible evening with free liquid vibes from PBR, Death’s Door, and Fever Tree as well as yummy empanadas from GoGo Fresh & cheese platters from KIND.

Thursday, February 19th
7:00PM – 9:00PM

Filling Station Lofts
90 NE 17th St
Miami, Florida 33132

*RSVP to Guest list strictly enforced. *

Kat Dahlia Embarks On Her My Garden Tour


The reason why I gravitated towards the name Dahlia was because I like the duality associated with it,” Kat Dahlia began in an interview with “You think of ‘The Black Dahlia’ [the name attached to a horrific unsolved crime that occurred in Los Angeles in 1947] and you get this darker image, but when you look up what a dahlia is, you find it’s this beautiful, soft flower. I like the contrast of the two because that’s kind of how I am,and that’s how life can be. Sometimes it can be really hard and rough and dark, but other times, it can just be really beautiful.”

Kat Dahlia is a determined talent who saved up her money from waitressing to move from Miami to New York to give her edgy, honest music a chance. The vulnerability of her open-book lyrics is counterbalanced by the grit and defiance in her vocals just as the soft edge of her beauty is hardened by her fierce style. Kat Dahlia is the complex anthem that America has been so desperately craving. Currently she is touring the country in anticipation of the release of her debut album, My Garden.

“My music is my therapy, I write because of the rough situations I go through,” Kat informed. “I don’t really go into writing thinking about it, I just go into it with an emotion… but emotions are complex, you might feel vulnerable, but at the same time you’re scared and you’re angry because you are vulnerable. When you’re happy and excited, there can still be a nervousness and an anxiousness mixed in with that happiness.”

Dahlia depicts this complexity with an ease and an understanding and a genuine fearlessness that combine to make her both an endlessly fascinating artist and a deeply intriguing individual.

“There are times when I know that I’m making the wrong decision,” she admitted, “but I do it anyway. It’s like I was saying, emotions can be way more complicated and run deeper than you realize, it’s not always limited to just one thing. I can know in my mind that something is going to hurt me in the long run, but my heart might be telling me to worry about that later. I want to feel, I want to be in the moment, I want to be alive, and so yes, I’ve been a victim of my relentless heart. When you go full throttle, it can be dangerous, but that’s what makes it so exciting.”

“People say life is short,” she continued, “but it’s not, it’s f***ing long! I get that it feels short, but it’s really long. You have this never-ending struggle just to keep your head above water and you can work so hard that you’re not even really awake to enjoy your life. But it’s all about creating moments, making memories, doing something so you don’t stagnate… doing something so that you never forget you are alive.”

You can experience that thrill of being truly alive with Kat Dahlia on her current tour. Her debut album, My Garden is coming out on January 13, 2015, but you can preorder it now on iTunes and get four tracks immediately when you do. For more information, visit Kat’s website, like her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

Current tour dates:

Nov. 14 – New York, N.Y. – The Studio at Webster Hall
Nov. 16 – Baltimore, Md. – Baltimore Soundstage
Nov. 18 – Boston, Mass. – Brighton Music Hall
Nov. 19 – Hamden, Conn. – The Outer Space
Nov. 21 – Buffalo, N.Y. – The Waiting Room
Nov. 23 – Albany, N.Y. – The Hollow
Nov. 24 – Philadelphia, Pa. – World Café Live
Nov. 26 – Chicago, Ill. – The Portage Theater
Nov. 28 – Charlotte, N.C. – The Chop Shop
Nov. 29 – Louisville, Ky. – Zanzabar
Nov. 30 – Atlanta, Ga. – Masquerade
Dec. 2 – New Orleans, La. – House of Blues
Dec. 4 – McAllen, Texas – Tri Bar
Dec. 6 – South Burlington, Vt. – Higher Ground Ballroom
Dec. 9 – San Francisco, Calif. – Slim’s
Dec. 10 – Santa Cruz, Calif. – The Catalyst
Dec. 11 – Los Angeles, Calif. – Los Gabos
Dec. 12 – Phoenix, Ariz. – Monarch Theatre