Time for a (Money) Party: Breakout Spotlight for Kat Dahlia

When you are given the opportunity to interview inspired talent, you jump at the chance…Literally. I received a message late in the afternoon last week regarding an interview opportunity with the lovely (and extremely sexy) Kat Dahlia. You tell yourself to calm down because this is your job and being professional is important…But damn, this was a dream.

Kat Dahlia is the definition of what it means to be fresh in an industry filled with alot of repitition. Raised by Cuban parents in Miami Beach, Florida, Katriana Huguet began rapping at an early age. I was pretty inspired by her tenacity. In a span of 20 minutes, I was given quite the insight into her life and the work that is required to make it. At eighteen she decided to leave Miami and moved to New York to pursue her interest in music. She had said it was a split decision, but clearly that spontaneity worked out for the best.

After self-financing her first EP and her own music video, she was discovered by Vested in Culture VP of A&R Amanda Berkowitz. Kat was brought to the attention of record exec Sylvia Rhone and the rest is history. In 2012, she was officially signed to VIC (A joint effort with Epic Records) and began the production of her new album set to drop this September entitled ‘My Garden’.

Her first single ‘Gangsta‘ and its visual counterpart were released only a few months ago, yet she has already garnered quite the buzz around her music. Not only are her lyrics reverent to her life experiences growing up, but her songs reflect a deep pain from what she revealed to be from a toxic relationship with an ex. Trust me, this is no Taylor Swift top 40 number. Kat’s music is sharp, lyrically suggestive, and transcendental…When listening to her three song EP (currently on iTunes), I legitimately felt like I was given a first person perspective into her life. To expose yourself so deeply as an artist is obviously difficult, but what struck me most about her was her willingness to do so.

I was pretty fortunate to interview the songstress, though keeping myself composed was a challenge in its own right. Have you seen her? If you love razor sharp lyrics and great vocals to back them, I highly suggest you check out Kat Dahlia’s latest music video for ‘Gangsta‘ and her newest single, ‘Fireman’. She’s definitely hotter than wasabi (Total understatement). Take a look at our interview below!