Yendi Phillipps

Yendi Phillpps in the dance

Host, spokesperson, mother and choreographer, Yendi was born in Jamaica and has been dancing since she was a young girl. She has long been surrounded by incredible influences from her home country including the upbeat and rhythmic nature of Jamaican music, dance and culture.

Her love of dance took Yendi all around the world where she studied and performed various forms of dance including Modern, Jazz, African, Jamaican Folklore and Popular Dance. A passion for dance soon became the realization she was in the best shape of her life, without ever picking up a weight or stepping on the treadmill. She continued her education with courses in teaching dance, kinesiology, and dance injury and prevention.

Later in her career, she began competing in pageants and went on to become Miss Jamaica World 2007 and Miss Jamaica Universe 2010. During Miss Jamaica Universe, she received top score in the swimsuit competition for her incredible body and long lean muscles. She had relied heavily on dance as her “go-to” workout regime during the competitions, and it paid off. She later developed In The Dance Fitness Jamaica as a way to share her workout secrets along with Jamaica’s rich and magnetic dance culture with the world.

Today as a mother, Yendi continues to use In The Dance Fitness Jamaica as a fun and convenient way to workout without feeling like she is “working out”!

About In the Dance Fitness Jamaica:
Yendi has taken her exciting background in dance and combined it with the unique and entertaining elements of Jamaica’s upbeat dance culture to create a one of a kind dance workout. Whether it’s the latest in energetic dancehall moves or traditional reggae dances, now everyone can learn the hottest styles inspired from Jamaican dance and music.

In The Dance Fitness Jamaica is a dynamic and infectious fitness program taking Jamaica’s most popular music and dance moves and creating an easy to follow dance workout. In The Dance Fitness Jamaica is a full-body dance workout that incorporates cardio and aerobic activity, core work, body toning and fat burning. Sweat it out with Yendi and In The Dance Fitness Jamaica for a body-sculpting workout you can take with you on or off the dance floor.

In The Dance Fitness Jamaica Workout DVD

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